Season 4 was our first-ever virtual changemaker challenge across schools and communities.
Theme: Crisis = Opportunity to reimagine classes

Top three teams for Season 4 of Changemaker Challenge

Team ID Team Name School Project
35 Insign(E)

Students Name:
Kanika Bhagat
Krisha Sureka
Sidharth Ajitsaria
Tejas Khemka
Tanisha Tusnial
Mehak Baid
Saket Fatehpuria
Gaurav Poddar

Lakshmipat Singhania Academy This team from Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata, felt the pain of those without the gift of hearing and reimagined education for them. Instead of needing custom created videos in sign language for the deaf, this team had the simple but powerful idea of overlaying existing videos with captions in sign language for them. In spite of COVID and cyclone Amphan bringing communication to almost a standstill in Kolkata, this team got sign language experts to create overlays for a couple of videos, got feedback from experts and users alike and went through multiple iterations to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of their idea.
29 World of Comics

Students Name:
Surya Sridharan
Anirvin Srirajavatchavai
Gurnahar Singh Grewal

Inventure Academy This team from Inventure Academy, Bangalore, had the audicious idea of bringing comics to life in the classroom. In spite of being a wildcard entry into the top 13 without additional funding, this team did a brilliant job figuring out existing tools to aid comic creation, creating a portal to share and consume comics, and most importantly instituted a process through which comics could be used by teachers and students as part of their online (and offline) classrooms. They even went through with a pilot with raving reviews. All teachers at their school now want to extend this to their classrooms.
67 Three Tier Education

Students Name:
Ishan Singh
Ayushi Yadav
Prabhansi Pandey

Sunbeam School Varuna This team from Sunbeam School Varuna, Varanasi, sensed the numerous difficulties that schools in villages would have to overcome to be able to move to online education. They not only created a process for helping a school in the village move online (right from getting support of the village head, school principal, parents), to using innovative teaching methods (where teacher and students are on their phones) to ensure students had no doubts at the end. They ran a pilot, got great feedback from parents and students alike and are in the process of turning this into a manual so that anyone can make this happen in other villages.

CMC 2020 Commendations

The following three teams have been awarded an Inventure Commendation for the quantum of on the ground progress they made, for being hands-on and getting stuff done, while addressing a critical problem.

Team ID Team Name School Project
58 Vedana

Students Name:
Ojasw Tiwari
Sanidhy Raghuwanshi
Samarth Raghuwanshi
Tanmay Prakash
Arya Krishak
Shreyansh Jain
Tanaya Soni

The Sanskaar Valley School, Chandanpura This team from the Sanskaar Valley School Chandanpura, Bhopal, reimagined the way teachers would assess understanding of students during online classes using AI based face recognition. Undeterred by the complexities of technology involved, this team built an actual prototype that demonstrated how emotions can be assessed for multiple students at the same time and how this can be viewed and used by the teacher in real time.
101 Project Avesta

Students Name:
Kiara Jacob
Aditi Khandavilli

Inventure Academy This team from Inventure Academy, Bangalore, dived into the real problems of educating students in government schools with razor sharp precision. Using voice broadcasts to reach a wider audience with limited connectivity, coupled with an innovative Big Sister program to help with motivation and personalized doubt clearance, they ran a successful pilot to demonstrate the effectiveness of their ideas.
64 Micro Schools

Students Name:
Arya Yash Kumar Singhal
Arya Murthy
Akriti Katik
Gauri Jere
Kritman Singh

Inventure Academy This team from Inventure Academy, Bangalore, were determined to bring micro schools to students in this world where students can’t go to schools. In spite of not making it to the top 13, they continued their journey without funding and turned their idea to reality in one housing society.