“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to Inventure Academy’s Changemaker Challenge Season 5!

Inviting Changemakers from across schools and communities
for our second ever VIRTUAL Changemaker Challenge.
Crisis = Opportunity to reimagine online & hybrid school
and ensure mental and emotional wellbeing

Announcement of Top 20 + 5 wild card teams for Inventure’s Change Maker Challenge Season 5, click here.

Our world has changed dramatically with the outbreak of COVID-19 and is continuing to change the lives of people and communities around the world. With challenges come opportunities. The bigger the challenge, the more there is opportunity for innovation. For the teaching-learning community, this crisis/opportunity calls out for us to reimagine education and to ensure our collective wellbeing post the pandemic.

We invite teams of 3 or more students from Grades 7 to 12, together with their parents and teachers (at least one adult mentor), to explore sustainable solutions for education and for our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Post pandemic, how can we make teaching & learning more engaging? How might we ensure that society and educators use this as an opportunity to reflect and course correct? Should this crisis have an impact on not just how we learn, but also what we learn?

Should online/distance and hybrid learning replicate what school and classes were before the pandemic? What should a day in the life of a preschool, primary, middle and secondary student ideally look like? Should it become more of project based learning, or a mix of academics, beyond academics and life skills?

What is the role of teachers, parents, students in this kind of education? How do we ensure we all help each other and stay physically, mentally and emotionally fit and healthy, despite being confined to our homes and not being able to access public spaces/playgrounds? For those of us who are sports athletes and enthusiasts, how do we continue our quest for sporting excellence? Same for those of us who are into performing and/or visual arts? How do we best develop our social intelligence, and maintain our emotional wellbeing when confined to our homes?

Your solutions for the questions above (or other relevant questions) could address one or all sections of school – from Pre Primary to Grade 12. Be sure to get perspectives from students and teachers on what makes teaching & learning relevant, engaging and fun for them, and ultimately also prepare us all for when we are able to go back to school campuses.

Top 20 Teams Changemaker Challenge Season 5

School City & Country Project description
Bethany Junior College
Delhi Public School
Inventure Academy
Greenwood High
Bangalore, India Mobile app for students & teachers to provide free & quality education to underserved students in India.
Gredos San Diego International School, Buitrago Buitrago del Lozoya, Madrid, Spain Workshops focussed on role-playing games (RPGs) to promote emotional wellbeing
Vidyashilp Academy Bangalore, India Website to promote students’ mental wellbeing
Gredos San Diego International School, Buitrago Madrid, Spain Extra curricular activities to improve student motivation, skills & mental wellbeing
Saandeepani Academy For Excellence Bangalore, India Tutoring platform for students with learning difficulties
Gredos San Diego International School, Buitrago Madrid, Spain Space for students to feel free to talk about certain topics and interact with students from other cultures
Vidyashilp Academy Bangalore, India Make 50m road out of waste plastic at school’s new campus
Inventure Academy Bangalore, India Create & promote hydroponic farming (growing plants without soil)
Vidyashilp Academy Bangalore, India Create a virtual replica of school
Saandeepani Academy for Excellence Bangalore, India Donation drive to procure old laptops for students who do not have devices
Saandeepani Academy for excellence Bangalore, India Create awareness about menstrual hygiene & habits
Saandeepani Academy For Excellence Bangalore, India Create awareness about menstrual health & hygiene
Saandeepani Academy for Excellence Bangalore, India Create awareness on how to correctly select, wear, wash & dispose masks
Inventure Academy Bangalore, India Hybrid learning platform to educate children in rural areas/low-income families using radio, television, etc.
Delhi Public School, Bangalore East Bangalore, India App for students to reach out to counsellors via text messages/telepone conversations anonymously
Saandeepani Academy For Excellence Bangalore, India Make online/hybrid learning more interesting/entertaining/engaging through games, stories, fun activities etc.
Vidyashilp Academy Bangalore, India Real world’/life skills sessions to promote social interaction in the post pandemic world
Govt Higher Primary School, Ramagondanhalli Bangalore, India Find solutions to enable students from lower income families to continue schooling
Inventure Academy Bangalore, India Platform to enable renting textbooks/borrowing books/selling & buying books
Vidyashilp Academy
Mallya Aditi International School
Bangalore, India Create living-lab-based school and develop training & support material

5 Wild Card Teams Changemaker Challenge Season 5

School City & Country Project description
Parikrma Center for Learning, Sahakarnagar Bangalore, India Integrate parents into classes to teach skills (embroidery, making masks,making food/beauty products, etc)
Beaconhouse School, Oman Muscat, Oman App to enhance online learning experience
Vidyashilp Academy Bangalore, India Platform to provide help & resources to students facing issues with mental health, further studies, life skills, etc.
Saandeepani Academy For Excellence Bangalore, India Platform to encourage/motivate students while e-learning
Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls’ Public School, Jodhpur Jodhpur, India Hybrid model of school/education to improve learning outcomes

Inventure’s other innovative initiatives:

Inventure Academy RS Youth Parliament

The inaugural Inventure Academy RS Youth Parliament – Our World, Our Voice was held from 15 to 19 August 2018.

The conference was conceptualised by Inventure Academy to equip children with the Right to Participate (guaranteed by Article 12 of the UNCRC) in the world that they are inheriting and to enable them to be positive change makers. This was achieved by exposing our youth to different perspectives, dialogues between nations and the process of decision-making through a blended platform of the Model United Nations (MUN) and Model Parliament (MP). The conference exposed students to the process of how laws are created and implemented through the interplay between various stakeholders, including international organisations such as the United Nations, National Parliament, Media and Civil Society. This helped to demonstrate how citizens (including children) can have an impact and be a part of the solution.

Model Parliament

Inventure initiated the Model Parliament (India), a first time simulation of the interaction between the Central and State governments, the Economic Council and the Media. The objective of this was to enable students to understand the importance of dialogue in society and in our political system, and enabling legislation that empowers and takes advantage of our demographic dividend. Through debate, discussion and perspective building, student delegates from various schools deliberated in different Committees on pressing issues like Child Safety, Water Crisis, Economic Development and Youth Involvement in Politics. Post this exercise, Committees drafted Bills, keeping as close as possible to Parliamentary procedures.

Our Core Purpose

To instill in students the ability and conviction to realize their full potential
and be socially responsible citizens who excel anywhere in the world.