Changemaker Challenge Season 1

Over 70 schools and communities around Bangalore submitted their changemaking ideas in Round 1.

21 teams were shortlisted, attended a design thinking workshop at UB City and presented their project pitches in Round 2. All 21 teams received funding to take their projects further.
11 teams progressed to Round 3 and were given further funding and guidance for their projects.

These 11 teams have worked on a variety of projects including sustainable menstruation, upskilling school support staff, segregating waste at school, managing school events in an eco-friendly way, encouraging segregation through an app, reducing dengue in the neighbourhood, saving water by installing aerators in taps, bringing health education to children of migrant labourers and creating a more accepting environment for teen mental health issues.

On 19 January 2018, the 11 finalist teams showcased the changemaking they accomplished and we were impressed by their passion and the progress they had made in creating change.  The 11 finalist teams also evaluated each other’s performance along with the judges. As you can imagine coming up with the top three teams based on impact created was very challenging. Each team excelled in different areas of impact.

Overview of our top teams in Season 1:


Young Changemaker Award for SUSTAINABLE IMPACT

Team Aqua Fighters found and promoted a very simple and elegant solution to drastically reduce household use of water using water aerators. They also set up mechanisms to thoroughly measure the reduction in household water consumption and wastage month on month.

Prize money : Team Aqua Fighters received a overall funding of INR 55,000 for their changemaking project.


Young Changemaker Award for SCALABLE IMPACT

Team Binfinity developed an innovative game app that trains users on how to segregate waste.

Prize money : Team Binfinity was awarded a overall funding of INR 65,000 for their changemaking project.


Young Changemaker Award for LARGE MEASURABLE IMPACT

Team Safeleaf worked towards changing the waste disposal habits of a whole school across all their events and reduced non-biodegradable waste from ending up in dumps.

Prize money : Team SafeLeaf received an overall funding of INR 35,000 for their changemaking project.


Young Changemaker Award for PROFOUND IMPACT

Team Parikrma from Parikrma Center for Learning, Jaya Nagar worked in embracing and uplifting the children of migrant laborers in slums and teaching them conversational English, Math, Health and Hygiene.

Prize money : Team Parikrma Changemakers received an overall funding of INR 35,000 for their changemaking project.

Everyone is a winner in this changemaking journey – the remaining teams Alpha Byte, Circuit Breakers, empoWer, Green the Red,  Reach Out, Red Dot and Solution Squad – were given a funding of at least INR 5,000 each to continue their changemaking projects along with a special commendation certificate and books to further their learning. Efforts of students and their achievements were showcased in the media as well. Given the support, encouragement and inspiration that we got for this initiative, we decided to make this an annual event, encouraging more students to become changemakers.

Our Core Purpose

To instill in students the ability and conviction to realize their full potential
and be socially responsible citizens who excel anywhere in the world.