Important Dates & Rubrics

ROUND 1: Online Submission

We are very much looking forward to supporting another generation of Changemakers. To participate in the Changemaker Challenge 2018-19, you will need to fill in the Google form attached here on or before Monday, 24 September 2018.

  1. What is the change you want to make? or problem you want solve?
    • The problem should be in YOUR circle of influence – your neighbourhood, community, school.  Consider the questions: Who is suffering?  What are they suffering from and when?  What’s causing the suffering?  How many people are affected?
  2. What is the solution you really want to try?
    • The solution you try should be in YOUR circle of influence.  Answer these sub-questions:  What is your solution? Why does your solution make sense?  What is the benefit of your solution?  Who will benefit from your solution?  How will you measure the impact?
  3. How many people will your solution positively impact in 3 months? 6 months? 1 year?
  4. Who are the stakeholders (supporters, decision makers) who will need to be involved in this project?
    • For example, if you want to improve quality of education in your neighbourhood school, the stakeholders will include the school principal , students and parents. If you want to improve something in your apartment complex, the apartment association president or secretary might be your stakeholder.
  5. What challenges do you think you will face as you implement your solution?
    • Anticipating the challenges you will face will help you get the right kind of help and take realistic action.
  6. Do you think your solution can be implemented within the challenge funding  per team ?
    • Are there any major costs that will be incurred? It’s a good idea to think about the costs/budget associated with your changemaking project.
  7. How can you pilot your idea?
    • Can you try a “small experiment” to prove that the solution you have proposed will work?
    • What is the time frame for the pilot and how will you make it happen?
  8. Anything else you would like to share with us about your project idea?

Round 1: Evaluation Rubrics

We will announce the list of our top 20 teams in the first week of October. We will also provide feedback and ideas on your pilot soon thereafter. 

The top 20 teams will be selected based on the following rubrics by a panel of judges:

Problem that is described by the team is worth solving
Solution that is proposed by the team sounds promising
The pilot identified by the team is doable and within their circle of influence

ROUND 2: Your Pilot Idea & Presentation

Prior to Round 2, you will be asked to send details on how you will pilot (or have started to pilot) your project and a pitch presentation.  The Changemaker Team at Inventure will send you feedback on your presentations prior to 26 October.  On Friday 26 October your team will participate in multiple workshops which will enable you to better define your problem, think about ways to scale your solution, quantify your impact and market your solution.  You will also have office hours with Inventure Changemaker Team (as individual teams).  During these office hours, you will receive feedback on your pilot idea and presentation.   You are encouraged to further refine your presentations based on your learnings from the day.

On Saturday 27 October 2018, you will present your idea and pilot plan to a panel of judges. 

Each of the 20 teams that participated in Round 2 will receive INR 5,000 in funding for on 27 October 2018.

We will select 10 teams to move forward to Round 3 at this stage.

Round 2: Evaluation Rubrics

The top 10 teams will be selected based on the following rubrics by a panel of judges:

  • As stated by the team, it’s a problem worth solving
  • The team understands the target beneficiaries’ needs, limitations and constraints
  • The team’s unit of social impact will help target and track actual impact
  • The team has identified challenges and their pilot has a plan to address or work around them
  • The team’s solution is unique or at least better than competing options out there
  • The team has identified and started working on a pilot they CAN successfully execute with the advisors, budget, resources they identified
  • The team handled feedback & answered questions well.

We will announce the list of 10 teams moving on to Round 3 on Saturday 27 October 2018. 

These teams will be mailed cheques for funding (based on team’s request), after our team’s due diligence on 5 November.


On Saturday 1 December 2018, you will showcase the change that you have made. 

You will share your progress through a presentation and a 90 second video telling the story of your project and the journey you have made.  10 teams will participate in this round – you will not only present your progress but also provide feedback to your peers and evaluate them.  Teams are encouraged to provide constructive feedback and ask questions of one another.  In doing so, we hope that you will further spark ideas on how to continue your changemaking journey

Round 3: Evaluation Rubrics

The top 3 teams will be determined based on the following rubrics, and by a panel of judges as well as peer voting:

  • Measurable impact – has there been a bias for action and did actual measurable change result from that?
  • Sustainability – will the change that the team made sustain? will the team sustain it?
  • Scalability – can the team gradually increase the circle of their influence and bring about more change?
  • Challenges and course correction – how gracefully did team adapt to challenges; unexpected events?
  • Enriching – did team talk about personal learnings/how experience changed them?
  • Ability to Answer questions well
  • Overall presentation quality

The top 3 teams will be announced and felicitated at our annual musical production on Saturday 15 December 2018.

Teams will also receive further funding to continue their changemaking journeys.